ANTHR 101 Teaching Assistant Information

Refer to this page for information about your TA, how to contact your TA, and where your Friday lab section is located.

You and Your TA

Your TA will be your lifeline throughout this course. He or she will run your Friday lab section and be there as a resource for you to help you succeed. TAs also handle any and all special accommodations, so if you have a letter from the University Accessibility Center please take it directly to your TA. All correspondence regarding this course must first go through your TA. If you have issues with your TA or lab section, please contact the Head TA, who will help resolve issues and bring urgent issues to Dr. Hickman. Grading will be done by a mix of TAs, and there is no guarantee that a single TA will grade your work. However, our grading procedures are rigorously standardized acrossed our team of TAs.

Your TA wants to see you succeed in this course. However, you too must do your part. We will not hold your hand, but instead will hold you responsible for knowing what reading assignments are coming up, when assignments are due, and class policies.

TA Contacts by Section

The list below gives the TA over each section, as well as the room where your Friday labs will be located (at the same time as the Monday/Wednesday lecture, but in the separate lab rooms). In order to find the location of the building for your lab section, search for the building abbreviation (i.e., "SWKT" or "MARB") on the campus maps site:

Name: Email: Section(s): Room #: Twitter Handle
Kameron Abilla 1 B132 JFSB@kameronabilla
Jane Athay 2 150 HRCB@TA_janeathay
Karly Baker 3 B030 JFSB@karly000baker
Julia Brooks 4 227 RB @juliaTA2019
Bronwyn Bryan 5 B032 JFSB@TABronwyn_Bryan
Kailey Caldwell 6 2004 JKB@TA_Kailey
Sam Davenport 7 393 CB @Samanth30760804
Ethan Mathewson 8 340 CTB@ethan_m_TA
David Frey 9 C255 ESC @dkfrey93
Aspen Greaves 10 C261 ESC @aspengreaves
Taylor Johnston 11 125 HRCB @TA_TaylorJ
Ashley Lundquist 12 B102 JFSB@AshALundquist
Madison Maw 13 1002 JKB@TA_Madison_Maw
Amanda Mcfarlane Coons 14 1013 JKB@coons_ta
Breeze Parker 15 1020 JKB@TA_Fer_breeze
Abby Price 16 2011 JKB @TaAbbyp
Keeley Richmond 17 123 MARB@TA_Keeley
Brinnan Schill 18 127 MARB@TA_Brinnan!
Keeley Richmond 19 280 KMBL@TA_Keeley
Ethan Mathewson 20 & 25 B030 JFSB@
Tenaya Gatrell 21 B132 JFSB@TenayaTA
Jessica Ellis 22-24 & 26 262 KMBL@TA_Jekka

TA Office Hours

Unless otherwise notified by your TA, all TA office hours will be held in 861 SWKT.

You can view the list of TA office hours below. While your section TA should be your primary point of contact, feel free to go to office hours for any TA for general feedback, additional feedback on your writing, and to talk about the readings or other general concerns.